I'm a multimedia journalist, photographer and communications consultant specialized in women's empowerment and child's development issues. 


I create documentaries (photos, text, video) that raise awareness and engage audiences around various issues.

My photographs and multimedia videos are used by nonprofit organizations & international agencies to:

  • promote their work
  • illustrate their advocacy documents
  • strengthen their communication efforts
  • assist their fundraising activities
  • help increase the visibility of the organization
  • engage and involve audiences around the specific issues / create a positive feedback



  • Photography & multimedia & video production consultancies covering communication projects on various issues - maternity & child survival, malaria prevention, immunization campaigns, women's empowerment...
  • Research, planning and full production
  • Delivering photos with captions, short features, interviews and videos for various communication supports - websites & social medias (facebook, twitter...), advocacy materials, reports, brochures, books, posters, calendars and other documents for specific communication purposes
  • Multimedia production - (sound & video) short web features for social medias, radio interviews, video interviews
  • Creation of photo stock archives






Some of the links to the recent work & personal projects

2019 - Pelipecky travel magazine - photo-journalism travel & human interest stories from all around the world - Alaska, Los Angeles, Cuba, Africa... English version coming in September 2019

 2018 - Cuba - UNICEF Cuba UNICEF CUBA image bank to illustrate its social media posts & all the communication materials

2018 - UNICEF DR CONGO - Ponabana blog - Feature about the importance of handwashing in fight against deseases in French with photos from the image bank I've photographed. 

2016 - Ethiopia - Digital Green - play the video

2015 - 2017 - Cuba - Getting Postmasters Degree in Documentary film-making at International film school EICTV (one of the best film schools in Latin America).   Personal short movies with creative editing from Havana Diaries by Diana Mrazi collection

  • Bean our daily - How many different ways you can eat the same plate of rice and beans? Many!
  • It's a pool time  - Short movie about my Endless summer on school campus in film school EICTV in Cuba. And also about one super fun assignment & creative editing.
  • Malecon rhapsody - Sunday retro bike stroll around Havana's beloved ocean boardwalk Malecon. 
  • Date night at Malecon - First dates have sometimes surprising twists but don't ever let anyone to stop your party and enjoy yourself no matter what happens just like popular Cuban singer Thaira in Havana.
  • Dancing in the rain - Imagine if you could take a 2-month break from your daily routine by running off to Cuba, completely disconnect from the outside world and recharge your batteries by learning Spanish & dancing SALSA all day long… I'll give you a sneak peek to this ultimate Cuban experience. From spontaneous dancing in the rain in the streets of Havana to watching amazing SALSA performances of my Cuban dance teachers, this video will give you a burning desire to book your flight today and have some fun as well.


  • 2016 - 2019 - Documentary about identity & gender - Ghana - Cuba - Slovakia - USA - personal project that I'm selfproducing - currently in production.
  • UNICEF DRC Photo of the year - my image taken in maternity hospital in DRC became UNICEF DRC photo of the year. It got shared on various UNICEF websites and their facebook pages.